To challenge your body you need instructions from an expert. If you hire a personal trainer, something highly coveted by many people, they will create custom experiences that will help you challenge your body as hard as you can. Through working with a personal trainer you will begin to experience the kind of core discipline you need to get your body in shape and keep it in shape. Your personal trainer will instruct you on the proper cardio condition, pilates, barre, stretching techniques and aqua aerobics that will stimulate your body. Opening yourself up to the guidance of your trainer will help you achieve better results than you ever could have expected.

Understanding your body’s form and function will give you the strength to meet goals you never thought you could achieve. Through Personal Training with Asia, you will achieve this. Asia is well versed in all the latest tools, technique and knowledge that you need to know about. As you work with Asia she will implement programs that will adapt to your individual body in order to create a program for you that progressively stimulate your body. However, this is not where you need to start or stop in your efforts to become healthier. The full experience of this program begins with you. As your personal trainer, Asia will inspire you to exercise in ways that will best benefit your particular body. Staying connected with your trainer is all the motivation you will need to rise above your goals and do even better than you dreamed.

I believe in small group classes, which is why each of my classes consists of only three students. A dedicated trainer will lead your class through a high-energy workout you won’t get anywhere else. Through these workouts our goal is to make you as lithe as possible as quickly as possible. The great music you will hear during your workout will dull the pain of the workout and leave you with a positive attitude. This results in a workout that is intense and dynamic and will help you burn calories quickly.

Asia’s cutting edge Weight Loss Program helps train, shape and strengthens each student who participates. These workouts are carefully designed to include resistance training and core body work that builds your endurance and gives your body definition. Core strength exercises lie in the ability to perform pilates. In this program we focus on quality of movement to give you the best workout possible. This helps strengthen our muscles evenly and improves, flexibility, coordination and posture.

Bridal Workout – routine consists of non – stop aerobics. These types of classes will give you tone and an energy level you won’t get from any other workout. Our pool program lets you engage in water workouts. You will end up with a more sculptured physique than you would have after any other workout.

Recent studies show exercise is beneficial to pregnant women because it allows them to safely loosen up their bodies, making childbirth easier.