Pre and Post Natal

pregnancy training

I believe that if you are pregnant (or if you are trying to become pregnant) that keeping up with your fitness and help are both significant. At Miami Beach Fitness, we follow all of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines in order to help your pregnancy, deliver, and recovery go smoothly.

Preparing For A Healthy Pregnancy

The Miami Beach Fitness Program allows you to alternate between low-impact cardio exercises and resistance exercises with one day off per week. If you are starting this fitness program and had not been physically active prior to it, you will want to start slowly and work your way up to more intense exercises. You may not want to start out with half hour exercise sessions but start with shorter sessions and work your way up.

Before starting our pregnancy exercise program you will want to spend the previous one or two days preparing for it. Make sure you talk to your obstetrician before beginning Miami Beach Pregnancy Fitness. At the very least you should talk to a health care provider to make sure you can physically handle participating in this program. Before beginning any resistance training program you need to make sure you are medically cleared to do so. You will also want to ask your doctor to recommend what your diet should consist of throughout your participation in this program. Most doctors will prescribe you prenatal vitamins that will serve as a dietary supplement while you are pregnant.

Here are some other strategies that you can use to remain healthy throughout your pregnancy and your participation in Miami Beach Pregnancy Fitness.

Throw away any highly processed foods and only keep healthy nutritious foods at home.

Get your family involved by explaining to them why you are on the Miami Beach Pregnancy Fitness plan as well as why it is so critical that you eat a healthy diet for the duration of your pregnancy. Let your family and especially your partner know that you would appreciate them supporting you while you are following this fitness plan.

Be realistic with your expectations when it comes to the results you expect to see from following the Miami Beach Pregnancy Fitness plan. You will want to maintain your fitness level throughout your pregnancy rather than engaging in exercises that could lead to weight loss.

Before beginning your exercise session be sure to drink two cups of liquid. Then every 20 minutes while you are exercising you should have another drink. Even if you are not thirsty keep drinking during your workout anyway. After completing the exercises you should have another drink.

Try not to lie flat on your book during your second and third trimesters. Doing so may lead to the baby’s blood flow being cut off. Be sure to support yourself by placing pillows right under your tailbone.

During your second and third trimesters concentrate on widening your stance while you are exercising. This will make more room in your pelvic area for your baby.

If you are standing up and you feel unsteady support yourself with a chair.

Wear comfortable shoes that provide support for your arch and your ankles.

Stay on the ground. When you are pregnant is not the time to go skydiving or do something else where your body is falling.

Pay attention to your body. If you start to feel dizzy, cramped or just generally uncomfortable, immediately stop your workout.

To find ways to make your pregnancy more comfortable and enjoyable call me and book a training session with me.