miami beach pilates


Our Miami Beach Pilates classes seems like an easy exercise if you observe it from afar, but it is anything but. Pilates participants are holding difficult positions while they condition their body and breathing through. It takes a lot of concentration and a lot of control to do Pilates. Pilates allow both men and women to obtain long, lean muscle through conditioning. The focus of the exercises is always to remain solid through your core. This is why as Pilates strengthens your muscles it also helps you tone your abs. It is just as good for a man’s body to do Pilates as it is for a woman’s although some men do not see it that way. If you bring a man to your Pilates Miami classes, you will see him struggling a bit to hold the poses, because it does take a great deal of strength from your core.

While it is by no means an easy way to exercise, it is a little easier on your body than some other types of exercises would be. You do not have to do any hard jarring movements or even elevate your heart rate too high. You will still be sweating and getting a great workout. Pilates is better for people who have injuries that prevent them from doing regular cardio such as running or biking. Our Miami’s Pilates will help you gain strength you did not even know you had while you improve your flexibility.

During Pilates, you will be able to focus your mind on your workout as well as your body. Mindful working out can help you stay in tune with your body better, and know when to push it and when to let it rest. People have been known to feel de-stressed and more relaxed after a Pilates workout. If you need to unwind while working out and getting in shape Pilates is the workout for you. Many people confuse Pilates with yoga because of the breathing technique. That is where the similarities end. Pilates is very different from yoga in several ways.

Pilates is based on six principles; centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow. Yoga concentrates a lot more on strengthening the limbs and spine, while Pilates starts with the core, and is constantly working to tighten and strengthen it. The breathing is different as well will Pilates being a controlled breath that sometimes quickens during certain exercises. Most of the exercises you do in Pilates are from a lying down position, and most of the exercises you do in yoga are from a standing up position. Both are mindful exercises and work great to help you with your overall health.

Pilates improves on joint mobility and gives you a body that feels balanced. Whether you are a conditioned athlete or a beginner in the work out world, you can benefit from pilates and the strength it will give your body. Pilates is great to do as an exercise routine, or incorporate with Miami Beach Fitness into your regular routine to strengthen, and elongate a beautiful form.