Aqua Aerobics

miami beach aqua fitness

Miami Beach Aqua Aerobics

When people think of aqua fitness, the first thing that often comes to mind is a group of people in advance age doing aqua aerobics. While this is a part of a water fitness program, it is not the whole picture. When you combine all the aspects of aerobics, cardio training, and resistance training, you get the true essence of what aqua fitness is all about.

Applicable for anyone, regardless of weight, age or level of fitness; this program can be custom fit for you. Even those with physical disabilities or injuries can get a great workout using the principles of aqua fitness. All you need is a willingness to work hard and a pool.

How do the different aspects of aqua fitness create a balanced workout?

By taking the balance enhancing and body sculpting effects of aqua aerobics and combining it with a rigorous cardio workout and the strength training effects of water’s resistance properties, you get a workout that is effective in weight loss, strength training, body sculpting, and cardiorespiratory benefits. No need to surf the gym looking for which specific goal to work on as aqua fitness gives you an all in one package. The added benefit of water also gives you better balance and range of motion that helps those who may be disabled or injured and nearly every sports physician uses water therapy to heal sports related injuries.

What are the health benefits of aqua fitness?

Cardio: A strong heart and lungs are the keys to a long life. The reduced chance of heart disease, as well as the added benefits of a good respiratory system makes water fitness a must.

Weight loss: Aqua aerobics have been popular for decades in helping people achieve weight loss goals. While it does help, the weight loss achieved through aqua fitness is unmatched due to the added strength training, yoga, and cardio workouts.

Common Disorders: The benefits of working out help reduce the risk of high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and nearly every other common disorder we can face. If you are going to get a good workout, why not choose aqua fitness as your all in one solution.

Muscles And Joints: Water training has been touted as one of the very best methods of resistance training. Athletes worldwide benefit from the proper form learned from water exercises and the lessened pressure put on joints. This reduces the risk of injury and helps injured joints recover much faster.

Staying Active: The key to a long and happy life is staying active no matter how old you are. While the elderly may not have the strength, they once had: water gives them the ability to retain strength and range of motion, which keeps joints healthy even into advanced age.

What aqua aerobics has done for the world is simply amazing. Its benefits on almost every aspect of health are known worldwide. Aqua fitness simply takes the same principles and added to it a great strength, balance, and cardio workout making it the most balanced form of exercise known to man. No matter what level of fitness you have, aqua fitness is the perfect workout for you.