Flat ABS Pilates Routine

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Modified hundred

Lie on your back, legs up, knees in one line with your feet, bent at 90 degrees. Slowly lift your head and shoulders off mat, arms on the shoulder level, palms facing down (as shown on the picture). Deep inhale as you pump shortly arms up and down five times, then exhale and pump five more times. Repeat 10 times, 100 short, quick pumps.

pilates workout


Lie on your back, keep your legs together, point your feet, arms towards to sky, palms pointed. Inhale, then squeeze abs and with an exhale slowly roll your back up,  vertebra by vertebra (see the picture) until seated, Inhale and slowly exhale as you roll your back down to start. Repeat 12 times.

pilates abs

Single-leg stretch

Lie on your back. In slow motion lift head and shoulders off mat. Pull your right knee close to your chest, keep a palm on each side of right shin. Raise extended left leg at a 45-degree angle, point your toes, abs active (as shown on the picture). Inhale and with an exhale switch your legs. Now bring your left knee into chest, palms on left shin, right leg extended and out. Switch legs 24 times.

single leg stretch

Double-leg stretch

Lie on your back, raise your legs. To begin an exercise bent the knees at 90 degrees, point your toes. In a slow motion lift head off mat and place shoulders on outside of knees, arms and palms in one line. Inhale, kick arms and legs out, keep your feet together, ears between your arms (as shown on the picture). Exhale and again bend your knees and bring your arms on outside of knees, to return to start. Repeat 12 times.

double leg stretch

Rolling like a ball

Sit on your tailbone, knees bent, close to your chest, arms wrapped around legs, head slightly down, heels up, toes pointed down. Keep your toes off the matt and find the balance on tailbone, heels toward to butt (look at the picture). Inhale while you roll back. Do it in slow motion until shoulder blades will touch mat. Exhale, don’t use momentum, engage your abs to roll up, work on your balance while keeping feet from touching mat. Repeat 12 times.

pilates routine

One-leg teaser

Lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the mat, arms extended to sky, palms facing each other. Extend right leg in line with right thigh, point your toes. Inhale, then with an exhale slowly roll up, abs are strong, reach toward your ankle (see the picture). Inhale, and with an exhale roll down, vertebra by vertebra, arms extended to sky again. Repeat 10 times on each leg.

one-leg teaser